Classic cars are not a necessary investment – they are a work of art for auto enthusiasts who are passionate about maintaining a stunning collection. However, a regular garage doesn’t have the right features to help you keep your collection of classic cars safe and in pristine condition for you to showcase to your guests.

At Titan Steel, we bring you the highest quality pre-engineered mini storage building kits for classic cars. Our buildings are available at competitive rates and can be customized as per your preferences. We understand that you have your own personal standards for automotive care, and that as a collector you may want a specific look and feel for storage and display. That’s exactly what our products deliver.


For storing a classic car, you need a mini storage structure that is designed with several important factors in mind. Your storage space should provide temperature control, adequate space, and versatility. You should be able to utilize any type of flooring you prefer, and you should be able to expand your space as your car collection grows. With our pre-engineered building kits for storing classic cars, you can rest assured that the storage space will be equipped with everything you need to keep your stunning work of craftsmanship safe and secure, whether for short-term or long-term storage.

With our prefab steel buildings, you can customize the space however you desire, while ensuring your cars are protected from any kind of outside damage. We offer dedicated support and uncompromising quality, coupled with cost benefits and high durability, to provide a premium, well-rounded product for your classic cars.

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  • Our prefab classic cars storage buildings come with an open layout, allowing you to customize the space as per your preferences.
  • Since steel buildings are versatile, you can easily expand your mini storage building as the number of classic cars in your collection increases.
  • The time for setting up a storage for your classic cars reduces dramatically when you use our pre-engineered mini storage buildings.
  • The building will provide ultimate protection to your treasured classic cars, as it is made of high-quality steel with corrosion resistance properties. This means that the steel structure will be able to withstand hits from adverse changes to the weather, as compared to a less resilient brick-and-mortar building.


  • Our experts highly recommend all customizations, as they make the steel building stronger and more durable, keeping your classic cars safe for many years to come.
  • While the customizations may add to the cost of the base structure, they will be completely worth the money when you factor in the reduced maintenance costs and the high energy efficiency of our insulation.
  • We have a professional support staff waiting to answer any queries and concerns that you may have about our prefabricated mini storage building kits for classic cars. We are just a call away!

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