At Titan Steel we provide metal building systems that integrate into every area of the aviation industry. Whether it is a small more intimate hangar for sport use or a more complex notable hangar used for a substantial sized aircraft, Titan is here to assist you in the layout of your hangar. Our metal aircraft hangars will meet the requirements for personal aviation storage, commercial aircraft and private jets. Choosing to utilize our pre-engineered steel structures is the best decision due to its flexible design, durability and resistance to harsh weather, water, mold and termites.

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At Titan, we can adhere to a variety of unique requests during the managing and design of your plans. All preparation, scheduling of the fabrication, and delivery will be coordinated by us here at Titan to better ensure your project is on time and on budget.

At Titan we are wise to the investment it takes to oversee an aircraft. Not only financially but the time and commitment it takes to manage one in the entirety. Additionally, not only does prefabricated steel structures provide a sense of safety and security they are essentially maintenance free. Titan Steel uses pre-engineered steel buildings top grade 26-gauge wall and roof sheeting accompanied by a solid steel frame backbone.

The combination makes for the most structurally sound steel hangar any aircraft owner would need. Our pre-engineered buildings can provide a durable and sustainable structure to withhold any door of your choosing whether it be bi-fold, hydraulic and or sliding doors or any other option you may choose. With the insulated roof and proper ventilation your aircraft hangar will virtually have the perfect environment for storage of any aircraft you may have.

Titan Steel provides aircraft hangars for…

  • Helicopters
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Small/large private jets
  • Gliders
  • Military use
  • UFO’s
  • Aircraft maintenance and equipment

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