The main attraction when you go to a riding arena should generally be the horses, but that doesn’t mean you want your building to look as if it’s ready to fall apart at any moment. Prefabricated steel buildings allow for an aesthetically satisfying look while maintaining sturdiness and resilience against the elements. Construct your building at any size while protecting yourself from vermin and inclement weather. You aren’t going to give up your love for riding any time soon, so your prefabricated riding arena must be built to last. Titan Steel can give you that, at we can do it at an extremely competitive rate.

Highly Adaptable Steel Riding Arenas

Whether built for competitions or personal use, riding arenas require a sturdy and dependable frame that can provide an obstruction-free space while still remaining secure from the elements. Prefabricated steel riding arenas, quickly erected and highly customizable, fit these conditions excellently.

Further benefits of using prefabricated steel buildings in the construction of your riding arena will depend on the design. When constructing nothing but the riding arena itself, you will benefit from the lack of beams and other support structures that might clog up the space. Since the space is open, and since prefab steel riding arenas can be expanded easily, you may install additions over time. For instance, you may decide to attach stables to your riding arena, or extra space to store feed and supplies. The riding arena may remain the primary draw, but over time may grow into a general equestrian building. Prefabricated steel buildings allow for this sort of adaptability.

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prefabricated horse arenas for the agricultural industry


You can even adapt your riding arena to the weather. If you’re living in the southern United States, you may prefer an open air accommodation that will save you in energy costs. In New England or Canada, however, an enclosed structure with energy-efficient insulation might be preferred to keep you (and your horses) protected against the winter snowfall. Whatever you choose, we will engineer it to your precise specifications, and we will do so while ensuring long-lasting durability and adherence to your local building regulations.

Titan Steel – Safe and Reliable

Not only do Titan Steel’s designs adapt to all climates while reducing maintenance and overhead costs, we also protect you against mold and infestations. Our well-sealed structures provide more than adequate shelter, allowing you to use your arena for events or personal riding without spending all of your time on upkeep. The initial pieces are designed and fabricated off-site, and our engineers oversee every detail before the final product is shipped off to you. By the time you receive your prefabricated steel structure, we have already gone through great lengths to ensure quality and reliability. Safe, sturdy and stunningly well-designed, Titan Steel prefabricated buildings offer the best in satisfaction for those in need of riding arenas that will stand the test of time.


All customizations that are mentioned above can be added to your structure at the time of ordering your building or once the building has been erected.

Please be careful when you are calculating the dimensions for the customization of your choice. We can do the necessary calculations when it comes to downspouts, but in other cases, like metallic openings that are framed, it’s best for you to do so.

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