Prefabricated, indoor growhouses has become extremely vital the agriculture industry over the last decade. More farmers are turning to high quality indoor grow houses to protect their crops from theft, harsh weather, and to maintain exact temperature conditions. In addition to traditional crops that benefit greatly through the use of indoor grow houses, the relatively new Medical Marijuana industry is relies heavily on indoor grow operations.


As more states legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes, the need for reliable, professional, steel buildings is at an all time high. Farming high quality cannabis plants requires exact specifications for light exposure, temperature, and air circulation. The only way to ensure these specifications is with a proper steel structure.

The new industry is facing tax increases for anyone involved, but the growers and farmers are hit the hardest. Renting housing for their product has become extremely expensive. A typical warehouse or rental space can increase in price by 100%-200% simply because the resident plans to grow marijuana.  For this reason, many cannabis farmers are deciding to build their own industrial grade steel buildings to use as grow houses. Our buildings are affordable, reliable, and can meet any specifications for optimal agricultural conditions.


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Using Steel grow houses to take care of your plants

Using a prefabricated steel structure grow house provides numerous advantages to growers and farmers. The layout for our buildings are wide open with support beams only on the sides of the building, leaving the entire space open for grow equipment. There are no beams of steel anywhere within the space that may get in the way.

Additionally, our buildings can be specified to create separate rooms within the steel structure which are ideal for clone rooms, wash room, and equipment storage. We are flexible on layouts and specifications while remaining consistent on price. Our steel structures can be fitted with doors, windows, and garages to accommodate any vehicles or personal living needs.

Added Safety & Security without the added cost!

Our buildings are guaranteed to stand up to the worst weather conditions including hurricanes, flooding, snowstorms, etc. Our high quality steel and insulation will prevent against rust, mildew, mold, and all other elements for years to come. We seal every inch of our buildings thoroughly so you will never has to worry about damage, leaks, bugs or animals.

We are familiar with the electrical and water irrigation needs of indoor grow houses and can help you plan ahead for professional integration into your structure.

Why Titan Steel Prefab Grow Houses?

We pride ourselves on our ability to get your building up fast, with the highest quality material, and long lasting warranties available.

  • Our buildings are a product of years of industry level experience and the highest standards in prefab steel buildings.
  • Only the latest designs and the highest quality of steel is used for making our products. We are proud to maintain that our products consistently match or exceed industry standards.
  • At Titan Steel, we have a number of designs for you to choose from, to make sure that your building is perfectly suited for your requirements.
  • Our buildings are designed with changing requirements of businesses in mind at all times. That’s why the purchase of our products represents an investment, which can be easily modified to accommodate business expansions.
  • Our customers take first priority at all times. Titan Steel offers customized after-sales service, to ensure that your unique requirements are always catered to.


All customizations may be installed in your structure at the time of placing your order, or after your building has been installed.

Please take extra care while calculating the size for the customization of your choice. We can make the necessary calculations for installing downpipes, but in other cases, like metallic openings that are framed, it’s best that you make the calculations.

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