Here at Titan Steel Structures we are incredibly invested in supplying safe and comfortable structures to man’s best friend. Pre-engineered and fabricated dog kennels are the safest and most cost-effective solution for your animal friendly needs. The quality of steel in replacement of wood provides satisfaction all on its own, the material does not splinter, and it provides an overall safer environment of your animals.


Our structures will help with the protection from all conditions including, high winds, lighting, fire, and earthquakes, along with the almost undetectable disturbances of termites, mold, mildew and aging. Our buildings also supply energy saving climate control which give the appropriate care and comfort to all kenneled animals.



Our steel structures are the most practical, economical, and the efficient choice when deciding to begin building a kennel of your choice. While the care and boarding of the dogs (or any animals) is anything but cheap that is not including the food, medicine and 24-hour staff that goes along with it. We at Titan Steel are in favor of a quick and cost-effective choice. Not only will your steel structure be delivered in a timely manner the low maintenance of its up keep is why our customers decide to go with pre-engineered buildings. We also do not negate that the steel structure is much more attractive and will last more than 30 years compared to a wood kennel which will get you up to possibly 10 years depending on weather conditions.

Helping our customers create and design the perfect structure for all their kennel needs is what Titan Steel Structures continues to provide. We have firsthand knowledge and experience on the importance of keeping our animals safe and secure, so we encourage our customers to only go with our pre-engineered steel structures.

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